Decorative Arch, Resafa, Syria. Copyright, Daniel Schwartz.

J.-B. Chabot, "Notice sur une mappemonde syrienne du XIIIe siècle," Bulletin de géographie historique et descriptive 1897, 100.

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Editors: David A. Michelson and William L. Potter

Past Editor: Thomas A. Carlson (2014-2018)

The Syriac Gazetteer is a geographical reference work of for places relevant to Syriac studies. It is growing from an initial publication of over two thousand place records.

  • Index page: an alphabetic index of places in the gazetteer.
  • About page: an overview of the gazetteer and its contributors.
  • Help page: documentation, editorial guidelines, and technical definitions.
  • Browse maps: browse places on an interactive map.
  • Edessa: featured place.

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