ʿAbdelmasih - ܥܒܕܐܠܡܣܝܚ

ʿAbdelmasiḥ was a Jewish shepherd boy (formally known as Aser) who lived near Sinjar in the Persian Empire. He converted to Christianity and pierced his ear to put on an earring, apparently the sign of slavery. He was martyred by his father.


  • ܥܒܕܐܠܡܣܝܚ1
  • ʿAbdelmasih
  • Abdalmasih1
  • Abd al-Masih
  • ʾAbdelmasīḥ1
  • ʿAbdelmasiḥ




The saint is venerated on Syr., hazir. 27 (BHO). 2


The primary texts (Syriac, Armenien, Arabic) and the studies are indicated by Fiey. 3
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